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The Best Equipment for Lightweight Backpacking Cont...

What Makes My Backpack Lightweight Cont. Moving on from the big three for my backpacking equipment things get interesting.  The additional gear one takes along on their trips is where most of the weight comes from.  This is the one place that most people think they need something to be comfortable in the backcountry.  On […]

The Best Equipment for Lightweight Backpacking

What Makes My Backpack Lightweight Starting in Lightweight Backpacking from Day 1 My first backpack trip was in July 2009 to Blue Lakes in the San Juan mountains near Ridgeway Colorado.  The hike is pretty straight forward, 3.1 miles up to the lower lake with ample camping.  The elevation gain is 2,400 feet. The trail […]

Adventures In Lightweight Backpacking

I didn’t come to backpacking by myself, I was first introduced to the concept by my incredibly outdoors-centric boyfriend, Aaron.  I was an avid day hiker, rock climber, and ice climber so I already had a healthy appetite for the outdoors.  Therefore getting into backpacking was a natural next step. Due to Aaron’s outdoor experience, […]

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