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Aaron and Shannon are in love with being in the outdoors and have over 20 years combined experience in the backcountry. They enjoy not only backpacking but canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain climbing, white water rafting and ice climbing. Through all their adventures they learned one simple rule; it’s all about the weight.

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When Aaron started to go on exploratory Grand Canyon adventures with Todd Martin (toddshikingguide.com) and Rich Rudow, they started out using cheap PVC/vinyl boats to cross the Colorado River to exit the Grand Canyon. After a few trips Aaron realized that the rafts were too heavy and bulky and he could do better. Through a lot of trial and error Aaron was able to build a raft that took a pound off, making it less bulky and more durable. With his new boat he embarked on more adventures with Todd and Rich and they started to get jealous of his new boat, so jealous that Rich borrowed it and eventually just bought it from him launching the first prototype into testing, and testing Rich did by putting well over 150 river miles on it. With Rich's success in testing more and more friends started to request boats of their own. Long story short Supai Adventure Gear, LLC was born. Since the earlier boats, we have found a durable light weight fabric and invested in high quality welding process that makes the seam stronger than the fabric itself and in doing so shaved another pound off the boat making the boat 1.5 pounds and packing up to the size of a Nalgene water bottle. Our ultralight inflatable boats have been on many adventures, including the Grand Canyon and John Muir Trail. The boat is in Grand Canyoneering and the movie “The Last of the Great Unknown”.


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