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Here at Supai Adventure Gear,LLC. we are committed to making quality lightweight gear for the adventurous outdoors person! All our gear is tested in real conditions in the backcountry to make sure it performs up to our standards.

No matter if you are backpacking to a secluded high altitude lake or canyoneering with a river crossing this lightweight boat is great for flat water uses!

FEATURED ITEM: Canyon Flatwater 2

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Supai Adventure Gear - Warranty

Our boats are a lightweight product to be handled with care, we do guarantee all workmanship on our seams and valves. If there is ever an issue with the workmanship of the boat we will repair or replace at no cost. Due to the conditions the boats can be put in we canít guarantee against leaks, tears or gashes that could be caused from bumping into rocks, cacti, twigs and other obstacles in nature.
"It was the maiden voyage for our Supai AG raft; they were lightweight, compact, stable, agile, fast, inspired supreme confidence, and in a nutshell were just freakiní AWESOME; Aaron has produced an outstanding product that I would say should be a must-have for anyone packrafting the Grand."
**Ted G. Grand Canyon Canyoneer
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Buy Them Now! Olo Lightweight Paddles
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We have an exciting new product we have developed a lightweight flatwater paddle to complement our boats. At this moment the paddle will be full length, 4 sections and be around 13 ounces!
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